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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sixth Healthy & Fit Family Carnival

“Hi, folks! Welcome to the sixth edition of Babylune's Healthy & Fit Family Carnival. I will be your server today. We have a menu of 10 articles for your reading enjoyment. Read one or read all; there are no known adverse effects from over-reading.”

An Apple a Day...
Two articles detail scientific and medical ideas for helping you to escape winter illness.

Set Higher Standards shares an essay “Stay Well Through the Winter” by Dr. Raman-Caplan, a Naturopathic doctor. Included are a recipe for a healthy wintertime stew and practical ways to prevent winter illnesses.

Flu Patrol's article advocates the use of Vitamin D for the prevention of flu.

An Ounce of Prevention…
Two articles share ways to maintain your health.

More4Kids’ article “Healthy Eating for a Pregnant Woman” includes pertinent information about which foods to eat, which ones to limit or avoid, and healthy options for snack time.

Worldwide Success’ article “Everything You Need to Know About Living a Healthy Lifestyle” gives us 7 simple rules to maximize a healthy lifestyle.

Never Too Late…
Two articles offer hope for those of us who need that “pound of cure.”

Help with Everything tells us how to lose weight for the long haul.

Anxiety, Addiction, and Depression Treatments highlights the inspirational story of a family’s battle against anorexia. (I extend my apologies for originally posting the wrong name for your site.)

Instead of…
Two articles talk about substitutes.

Living the Scientific Life informs us of the latest outrageous politically-correct terminology for hunger.

Here at The Porch Light, I share my ideas for worthwhile activities to replace my kids’ TV time.

Speaking from Experience…

Two articles share personal experiences.

Solo Mother shares her experience with and advice about making a trip to the doctor without the benefit of health insurance.

Babylune shares her humorous theory about a link between post-partum weight loss and clothing in “The Tight Pants Theory.”

“Thank you for joining us today. There is no charge for your visit. I hope that you have found everything to your satisfaction and look forward to seeing you again. Submissions are now open for next week’s carnival. If you are interested in hosting the next Healthy & Fit Family carnival, please contact Kate via her link at Babylune. Have a great day and come back to see us soon!”


Kate said...

Wonderful work Revka! Thanks so much for hosting.

Revka said...

You're more than welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

knowhimwell said...

Looks good, Revka!


Revka said...

Thanks, Karen! I really appreciate that.