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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Smiles from my child

Pookie Bear has very definite opinions about what she wants. What child doesn't? She really cracks me up with a few of her requests. Here are some I hear fairly frequently. (Oh, "sugar milk" refers to powdered milk; I don't know how she came up with that one.)

"Hey, Mommy, I want sugar milk - not hot, not hold [cold], just warm."

She likes her [rare] soft drinks straight out of the can - warm, not cold.
She likes her frozen waffles frozen.

What are some of your child's idiosyncrasies?


Justice Jones said...

My five year old son used to be the perfect eater until he turned four. We could feed him any type of food, Thai, Mexican, Indian, seafood, etc. No complaints. Suddenly at age four, he started to hate everything. Now that he's in school, I have to pack a lunch for him 3 days a week and findng something that he'll eat is a real battle. His school prohibits peanut products which eliminates good old PB& J (his only favorite sandwhich) and he hates cheese "unless it's on pizza," or any type of sauce (mayo, honey mustard, plain mustard, etc.). This means he gets a plain and dry turkey sandwhich or ham sandwhich, or a ham and turkey sandwhich. How boring is that? I can't even blame him when he doesn't eat his whole sandwhich. Thankfully, I only have to make his lunch 3 days a week. On the days I make his lunch, I make sure he has plenty of good snacks/sides so that he doesn't go hungry. Still, it's all very exhausting!

Revka said...

That does sound like a ton of work, and I sure don't envy you! Why does his school prohibit peanut products for everyone? BTW, thanks for coming by. I appreciate your visiting.

knowhimwell said...

Frozen waffles sounds a bit weird to me. When I was little I wanted my tea at room temperature, so my mom had to leave it on the counter. I remember telling my mom that I wanted a mayonaise sandwich. I didn't want any meat or cheese, just mayo. Fortunately, I haven't discovered any quirky things from my kids yet. Well, at least I can't think of any right now.

Revka said...

Just wait - I think we all have quirks along the way :) I definitely have no desire to try a frozen waffle, but she is very definite about that.

knowhimwell said...

Oh yes, we all have quirky things about us. Fortunately, my kids haven't shown any preferences with their food.