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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Prayers of a child

We had family devotions tonight, and afterward we all prayed before packing the children off to bed. If you were to ask our children to say one of the memorized prayers so many children use, you would only receive a blank look. Ever since they were tiny babies, we have helped them pray to God in their own words. Tonight was a prime example of how a child's prayer differs from an adult's prayer. Pookie Bear was praying about EVERYTHING! She thanked God for going to my friend's house today and seeing the snowmen and Baby Jesus, she thanked God for her new bed she will be getting and told Him she wanted a starfish bed (there's a catalog picture of her new bed with a star pillow on it), she prayed for her PeeWee Patch Christmas program, and prayed for Baby Bear to get better. While I laughed really hard (and really quietly) in some places, her prayer was a sweet reminder that God cares about everything and wants us to talk to Him like we would talk to any other friend.