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Monday, December 10, 2007

Refrigerator Woes

I know I just said that discontent is not welcome in my heart. I must say that the comments you left for that post were thoughtful and remarkable. Frank made a great point about desire often being the impetus to bettering our lot in life, Lizzie thoughtfully pointed out that all too often our discontent can spring from taking our eyes off our Provider, Karen (and Frank) suggested thinking of alternative ways to create more space, and Sho commiserated with my feelings. *smile*

I must say that my refrigerator woes (here's hoping they are really minor woes) are not a symptom of discontent. I have no burning, covetous desire for a new refrigerator - despite glowing refrigerator reviews contributed by friends who have recently acquired and new refrigerator. *grin* Here's my situation: the girls have already managed to partially break the bar the holds the condiments in place on the shelf in the door panel. Now, our door has started creaking quite loudly whenever we open it. It honestly sounds to me like the door wants to come of its hinges! I'm praying and hoping that the door stays where it belongs and that we do not end up needing to repair or replace the fridge.

However, it never hurts to prepare for a possible happening, right? I've been casually surfing the refrigerator reviews at and other sites and am finding that refrigerators are not the cheapest appliance in the world, and I'm not even looking for anything fancy, not even an ice maker!

I know I need to try spraying some WD-40 on the hinges but have not thought of anything else to try. Do any of you have any suggestions regarding our refrigerator? (If you are in need a refrigerator yourself, check out the refrigerator reviews; I found them quite informative.)