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Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Do NOT Resolve to...

If I were one to make resolutions, I can tell you one New Year's resolution I would not make this year. I would not resolve to lose weight. I am desperately in need of losing weight, but instead I must be content to gain weight for the next 6 months. I bet there are plenty of people who wish they could say that. *smile*

I do resolve to gain a sensible amount of weight throughout this pregnancy. When I carried my three girls, I never gained more than 23 pounds, and I was quite blessed that all of that weight was gone within seven days postpartum. (I'm not saying my normal weight hadn't been redistributed a bit. *laugh*) I'm hoping that I will be so blessed this time around, too!

After I have the baby, I certainly need to get serious about shedding some of the pounds I have accumulated since I married Mr. Incredible. Although going to a gym and using their exercise equipment (like elliptical trainers) would be great, I actually prefer to work out at home using my set of The Firm workout videos. When it comes time to begin my fitness regimen (ha!), I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Do any of you have exercise and/or workout recommendations?