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Monday, December 10, 2007

Car Donations Help Others

Did you know that you can be of help to someone in need simply by donating rather than selling your car? Car donations to Car Angel (a non-profit company) mean that not only do you get to help someone less fortunate than yourself, but you also get to claim a tax deduction for the donation, and Car Angel will remove the hassle of selling your car. You even get to select one of the many charities that partner with Car Angel to be the beneficiary of the proceeds generated by the donation of your vehicle.

In addition to supporting multiple charities, Car Angel also uses donation proceeds and other contributions to create videos geared toward children and teens, promoting wholesome, traditional values. It is said that, to date, well over 2 million videos have been produced and distributed. Here is an example of the videos that are created with donated cars and funds.

If you have a car that you have considered selling, why not think about donating it to Car Angel instead? You could help someone in need, and you wouldn't have to deal with selling the vehicle.