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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our Christmas Program Went Well

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I'm happy to report that the Christmas program went quite well. My Junior Choir (ages 4-12) sang their songs like old pros. In fact, out of the whole program, my choir and the adult choir were the only elements about which I never worried.

Pookie Bear held up wonderfully during the program but fell asleep on the pew during the preaching afterward and woke up crying and complaining of hunger. I guess her rechargeable batteries were in need of some fresh fuel. *laugh* Mr. Incredible took us to Mickey D's and bought the girls a hamburger Happy Meal to celebrate Pookie's great job and the fact that the two younger girls behaved well in church.

I'm relieved the program is over, and I am looking forward to this two weeks' break that my choir is taking. We won't sing again until the first Sunday in January, and we'll start out with a song we've sung before that they absolutely love. My goals for the upcoming year are to begin teaching them music theory and having them sing two parts instead of unison. They are a good group of kids, and I believe that they will do well with both challenges.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

well done :)
Jen at

annie said...

Glad it went well. Just stopping by to thank you for checking in on us while we were without power!
Hope you are having a great week.