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Monday, December 10, 2007

Dishwasher Reviews, Too

When I told you about the refrigerator reviews, I forgot to mention that also offers dishwasher reviews. Yes, I was surfing through those as well, but not for any particular reason. I was only looking that time. *smile* Although I saw some beautiful dishwashers, my dishwasher gives me no problems at all, and I really only use it when I get behind on dishes. I still wash most of my dishes by hand.

Why would I do such as thing? That's a very good question. I wash my dishes by hand for a couple of reasons:

  • this is the first dishwasher I have ever had, and I am simply used to washing dishes by hand.
  • we have a well, and I am more concerned about conserving electricity than water.
  • I am not positive, but I think that Mr. Incredible thinks that using the dishwasher is wasteful. (I know, I need to ask him if that is what he really thinks, especially since the dishwasher reviews I have seen show that many dishwashers are quite efficient.)
Do you have any dishwasher reviews of your own? Am I the only one who washes her dishes by hand even though I do own a dishwasher? What do you do, and why? (Karen, I know you use your dishwasher all the time. *smile* Maybe one day I will, too.)


Pennies In My Pocket said...

Hey Revka! I got linked to your blog from Jackie's ... I'm so glad you posted this because we're getting ready to build a house and need a new dishwasher along with all the other appliances!!!