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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Discontent Is Not Welcome in My Heart

It amazes me how quickly I can become discontented with what was once my pride and joy. Take, for example, our home.

Don't get me wrong, I still love my home. However, with the new baby on the way, I've started thinking how nice it would be to have larger bedrooms and more closet space, and I have to admit to having picked up a couple of real estate magazines, browsing to get a feel for our area's market and current pricing.

Based upon those perusals, even with the wonderful equity our home has built in just two years (at the time of our refinancing it was appraised at nearly 1.5 times what we paid for it), we still can't realistically afford much more house than what we currently own. There are plenty of mobile homes and condos for sale in our price range, but I'm not interested in that kind of a residence. I prefer a single-family dwelling that is sturdy enough to provide shelter during hurricanes, thank you very much. *smile*

After deciding that we couldn't afford a new home anyway, I thought about my spirit of envy, greed, and discontent. I should be thankful for the home the Lord provided for us: it was the only decent home in our price range, we are not in a flood plain, our neighbors are wonderful, and it fits our needs perfectly. I'm mightily ashamed of myself for minimizing the blessing the Lord has given us in our house, and I wish to publicly say that I am grateful for my home - for the ceramic tile floors that are so much easier to keep clean than are linoleum floors, for the smooth top range for which I never would have asked, for the toy room that has become the perfect school/toy room combination, for the piano/computer room that is all mine, for the 1.5 baths that mean that baths are no longer interrupted by little girls who need to use the toilet, for three bedrooms that provides room for guests (for a little while longer, anyway).

The list really could go on for quite some time if I keep thinking about what I like about my house. I am resolved that instead of allowing discontent to creep into my heart, I'm going to make a point of keeping my eyes and heart open to see the reasons I have to be thankful.


The New Parent said...

Hi R--it's always nice to be thankful for the good fortune in our lives, but at the same time, I think if one can use their desire in a productive way, it can be helpful.

So if you see that you need more space and can figure out a good way to make that happen, well, why not?

Very thoughtful post (as always) and thank you for discussing it, especially at this time of year (smile)!

Karen_thrifty said...

It is easy to become discontent and to wish for more. Our society certainly does teach "me first" and "give me more". We all have a lot to be thankful for. If you're feeling too cramped, perhaps you could consider a small addition to your home. I'm sure that would be a much more affordable solution and it would help increase your home's value even more.

A Dusty Frame said...

Yes, this is very hard! I think that if we become so discontent about the things God has provided, we aren't keeping our eyes on him and all he's done for us.

I struggle with this on occasion because for example, my stove is really ugly/old/all the burners don't work. But it works and I must be thankful for it:)

Hang in there and keep working on it right?:)

Shoshannah said...

You know we're in the same boat! I just think of all those different people that live in smaller places than we do.......with more people. Part of the deal is we have been blessed with so much stuff that the kids actually use. I'm just praying, and Spencer is holding his breath. :)

Revka said...

Thanks, all of you, for sharing your thoughts.

Frank, I certainly agree that yearning for something better can lead one to better lot in life. My problem runs deeper because I really don't need more space at the moment; I just want it, which is, to me, a horse of a very different color. *smile* Thank you for your encouragement; I appreciate it.

Karen, we have considered building a 20x25 addition to our house, and we actually may do that one of these years. :) I just see these beautiful, attractive homes, and I end up wanting one, although I certainly wouldn't want to clean one of those beautiful large homes! *laugh*

Lizzie, I do believe that is my problem in this situation. The Lord has provided wonderfully for us, and I am so ungrateful! Yes, I will be working on this area. Thanks for your encouragement. :)

Sho, I know how much you like looking at houses, but I think it's a hobby and not necessarily discontent in your case. *laugh*