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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Layne Daniel Update

It has been quite a while since I posted an update on our former pastor's condition. After undergoing surgery and months of chemotherapy at UNC Chapel Hill, there were four spots that had doubled in size between MRIs. It was evident that the drug treatment course (chemotherapy) Layne was following was not working well.

As has been the case throughout the whole journey, the Lord provided direction for Layne and his family. They contacted Cancer Treatment Centers of America, an organization that specializes in treating patients with "advancing cancers." Layne and his family were flown to the Philadelphia center where his condition was evaluated and a course of action was proposed.

Layne received his first Cyberknife treatment on December 5 and also started a new chemo regimen. After his suffering another seizure, Layne and Sharon received good news from the latest MRI - before the Cyberknife treatment, the MRI showed reason for concern: a cloudy white area about 2cm large. Since the Cyberknife treatment, the area has nearly disappeared. Praise the Lord for His mercy!

Please continue to pray for this family. This is certainly a time of testing for them, but they are evidence that God is faithful no matter what circumstances come into our lives.


Anonymous said...

praying for your former pastor and friend
Jen at

Delia said...

That's great news! My uncle has been battling cancer all over his body for the last couple of years. He just found out that it is in his brain last week. He has a wonderful testimony. Whenever someone asks how he is doing, he almost always answers "God has been good to me". He lives in Florida, and the Cancer Treatments Centers are quite a distance away. You mentioned that Layne was flown to the center. Was that through donations as from the church or is that something that the center does? Just curious. Thanks! Delia

Revka said...

Thanks for your prayers, Jen.

Revka said...

Hey, Delia! Great to see you here! CRTC provided airfare, hotel accomodations, transportation to and from the hotel, and an eating allowance for both Layne and Sharon. I don't know if they do that for every trip, but I know that was certainly a huge help.

Maybe it would be worth your uncle checking into at least.