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Friday, September 07, 2007

If You've Ever Wondered

Here is how my blog would be rated, if there were such a thing as blog ratings.

If you've ever wondered about my theology, I do, indeed, find myself most closely aligned with fundamentalists.

You scored as Fundamentalist. You are a fundamentalist. You take the Bible as the foundation of your faith and read it very literally; it shapes your worldview. Non-fundamentalist Christians have watered-down the Gospel, in your view, and placing our faith in academic study of the Bible can prevent us from 'taking God at his word.' You believe that true science never contradicts basic biblical truths.
What's your theological worldview?
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However, I like to think that I am not a stereotypically hate-filled fundamentalist. Rather, I strive to live my life with the compassion for people that Christ exhibited. He always extended mercy and grace to sinners. Judgment and condemnation He reserved for the Pharisees and other hypocrites. (As a side note, I believe there are many hypocrites in fundamentalism.) Any sinner who comes to Jesus in repentance can have the assurance that his sins will be forgiven and God's mercy will be extended.

When it comes to football, I do understand the game better than people normally expect women to understand it. In fact, in high school, the guys would beg me out of Home Ec class to play with them. (I really didn't miss much from that class, certainly not anything useful.) Nowadays, I opt to root for the UNC Tarheels rather than for the Penn State football team. I'm still not what you would call a devoted fan, though.

Do you have a burning question about me that you would like answered?


A Dusty Frame said...

I bet I'd get the same Jerry Falwell answer you got;)

I nominated you for an award

Revka said...

I hated to see Falwell's picture come up! :) It's nice to hear that we share similar beliefs, though.

Thanks! I'll be right over. I love awards!!!! :)

The New Parent said...

Hi R--my thought about taking anything literally is that it implies there is only one way to see things. And as we know, even the Gospels have many levels of understanding as a person matures.

If at each level of maturity an individual thought that was the literal meaning, there would be no growth.

Also, there is so much in the Gospels that "repels" literal definitions and to this day, we are still trying to understand (smile).

Revka said...

Hey, Frank, interesting thoughts. I do believe that our understanding of the Bible can change as we study it and as the Holy Spirit reveals it to us.

However, I firmly believe that there is one literal interpretation and (possibly) many applications for any passage of Scripture. *smile*