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Sunday, September 23, 2007

One-stop Shopping

I know I'm going to need several baby gifts soon. First, I need something special for my new niece. Then, three ladies at my church are expecting; one first-time mother is having twins, bless her heart. I am excited about the reason for the gifts, but I am dreading the gift selection process because I am quite indecisive when it comes time to pick out a gift. That is why I was excited to find out about the Babies and Toddlers Items section of Shop Wiki.

Shop Wiki claims to have found nearly every baby and toddler product available through on-line stores. I decided to put that claim to the test. (Obviously, I did not conduct exhaustive research.) Here are some of the products that caught my eye:

  • Several pages of sling baby carriers - my back hurts nearly all the time and even more so when I have to carry around a baby. I bet new mothers would appreciate this gift.
  • Health and hygiene products - I love to give new mothers a basket of useful supplies: a thermometer, diaper rash cream, teething gel, pacifiers, baby shampoo, and such.
  • Infant clothes - this is a safe gift to give. I like to give clothes larger than 6 months. So many people give newborn and 3-6 month clothing that the infant usually has too many clothes in that size and practically nothing in the larger sizes.
So, Moms, what would you most like to receive for your baby?


Alex said...

I found some beautiful baby clothes and baby gifts for my nephew online. Shopping just got a lot easier!

Revka said...

Hey, Alex! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I really appreciate it.

I'm glad you had success shopping online. More and more people are realizing how much easier it can be.

Have a great day!