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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Little Girl's Dream

Seeing how quickly little girls discard their dolls in favor of more "grown up" toys saddens me. They don't realize that they should cherish their childhood, for it passes all too quickly and can never be regained. I know a lot of parents contribute to their daughters' attitude by pushing them to grow up, and I have to watch myself to make sure that I don't do the same.

Even though I was a tomboy growing up, I still would have loved to have a highly detailed wooden doll house like these. They are simply exquisite, and you can purchase miniature furnishings, home lighting, and people to create a pretend world perfect for exercising a little girl's imagination.

Some kits cost at little as $25, but they are not as wonderful as the more expensive models. Perhaps Mr. Incredible would be willing to make a detailed doll house for the girls? I think that would be a wonderful Christmas present for all three of them.


swampy said...

I so wish I still had my little doll house. It was "metal" and all the furniture was plastic, but I loved it.

Revka said...

Hey, Swampy, thanks for stopping by. Your doll house sounds like fun, and it would have been neat to pass on to your children. (if you have any?)

Thanks again for leaving your comment.

Jen said...

i never had a dolls house :(

i love them

i had special doll for years and years her name was Margaret

Revka said...

That's okay, Jen, I didn't, either. :) How long did you keep Margaret?

I still have a Cabbage Patch doll my grandmother gave me. I know her name starts with an A, but I can't remember what it is. (laugh)

Mary said...

All my friends had those awesome doll houses with lights and running vacuums, etc. They took them for granted and rarely wanted to play with them when I was over visiting, which I could not understand!! I had a very simple dollhouse and spent hours entertaining myself with it...

My girls don't have one yet, but they improvise!

Are you hoping your hubby will read this post and get the hint? ;O)

Revka said...

Hey, Mary, don't feel left out - we didn't have anything like that, either!

Well, Mr. Incredible never reads the blog unless I specifically ask him to, so I'll just have to talk to him about this. It may be too much work for him, though.

Jen said...

I dont know?
Well into my teens I think

I still have my first teddy
Hes packed in a box and I rarely get him out
He use to be orange and fluffy
But I Loved him so much
He lose all his fur
Hes 37 years old

Revka said...

Aw, sounds like Teddy was well-loved. :)