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Monday, September 17, 2007

Fun Days

This was probably the best birthday I have had in several years, even though, as the card my family gave me stated, I have left behind my twenties. (I bet you wondered why I posted that list of '30' Top Tens, didn't you?) What made my birthday so special?

  • Rosie kept the girls for six hours on Thursday, telling me to take my time with the errands I needed to run and just enjoy myself.
  • As a result, I was able to meet Mr. Incredible for lunch at a restaurant we had not previously tried. Unlike Outback Steakhouse, we liked it well enough to put it on our list of favorite restaurants.
  • Mr. Incredible thought of me on Friday - he sent me an e-mail that made me laugh my head off.
Subject: OLD WOMAN


(Mr. Incredible's real name)


  • He also surprised me by bringing home a small cake. Again, that let me know that he was thinking of me, and I must say that it was nice to have a cake for my birthday for once. I bake cakes for everyone else but don't want to go to the effort for myself.
  • He gave me the Tin Man and Cowardly Lion collectible dolls from Barbie's Wizard of Oz series. I already have Dorothy, Glinda, and the Scarecrow, so I am only missing the Wicked Witch, the Munchkins, and the Guard.
  • We all went out to the good Mexican restaurant in town. (There are two, but one is no good.) I love Mexican food! I miss that from home.
I had so much fun and felt special because of the out-of-the-ordinary things that Mr. Incredible did for me. The best part was that he demonstrated that he was thinking of me. That makes me smile!

Oh, my birthday card was funny, too. It said, "In sympathy for the loss of your twenties." As usual, I added the card to my bag where I keep special mementos - notes from when we were dating and engaged, friends' graduation announcements, ticket stubs from concerts, anniversary cards, and the like.


Jen said...

Although there have been ups and downs
I LIKE being in my 30's
hope you will too

Jen said...

oppppppppps left the wrong addy
Ive changed blogs

Revka said...

Thanks, Jen, for wishing me well in this new decade. :) Also, I appreciate your giving me your new blog URL.

Anonymous said...

Hi R---sounds like a wonderful time, Happy new decade!

Revka said...

Thanks, Frank! It was quite lovely. My birthdays since growing up have not really been anything special, but this one was.

The New Parent said...

Hey R--it's nice to hear that that aspect of your life has changed (smile). So, here's to more special birthdays in your future!!

Revka said...

I hope for many more special birthdays. I really enjoyed this one. :)

Holly said...

It ain't so bad! :)

I don't think I experienced life until my thirties! :)

Happy belated!

Revka said...

Thank you, Holly. I do have high hopes for this decade. :)