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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Anniversary Trip - Friday

I am just doggone slow sometimes! I've shared about actual anniversary day and trip experiences and photos from Thursday. Here are Friday's happenings.

We got to stop off and see my friend, Karen, which was a nice treat. I haven't asked permission to upload the photo we took together, so I guess you won't get to be awed by the loveliness. (laughing)

Rather than going to Dollywood and taking advantage of an incredible Pigeon Forge cabin rental like we had semi-seriously considered, Mr. Incredible and I decided to camp out at Lake James State Park and enjoy the swimming and boating areas. However, when we got there, the swimming area was closed due to low water levels created by the drought. We looked at the map and decided to try the next closest camping location, Mount Mitchell State Park. Incidentally, Mount Mitchell is the highest peak east of the Mississippi River. We were able to take some mountain highways and travel several miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway. While we were on the Parkway, rain started to fall, and the temperature noticeably decreased. Here are some photos taken along the Parkway.

We found an empty site at the park and set up camp. I helped Mr. Incredible until the last bit when I figured he could handle it himself and started taking pictures. I hope that didn't annoy him.

I loved the privacy of the campsite. To even get to the site, you had to ascend these beautiful steps cut through the vegetation, and then the site itself was surrounded by beautiful flowers and other foliage. I took plenty of pictures there; in fact, Mr. Incredible overheard some other campers talking about the lady who was taking all the pictures. Um, sorry if I disturbed you!

We had decided to stack two air mattresses for our bed, hoping that we would not find ourselves on the hard ground in the morning. The novel idea worked, although it initially felt as though we were in a water bed.

I'll post more camp pictures another day. Suffice it to say that the sky and surroundings were breathtaking.


Anonymous said...

Great photos! I want to camp in that area sometime. It is on my to-do list that never seems to get done.

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Revka said...

Thanks, Anonymous. We got a ton of lovely pics; I'm a sucker for beautiful scenery. You really need to make this trip a priority; it's simply wonderful.

Thanks for the link; I'll have to take a look.

Holly said...

That looks wonderful, Revka,such beautiful scenery.

Glad you could get away!

Revka said...

Thanks, Holly. We had so much fun together. :)