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Friday, September 07, 2007

Think Outside the Box

Do you want to garner a top spot for a particular search phrase? Try following this company's example.

The anchor text was assigned as follows: golf apparel ladies. Me? I would have wanted the link to read "ladies' golf apparel" - proper English. To my way of thinking, this link would only be found by someone searching for ladies who model golf apparel. This company, however, realizes that people often do not conduct searches couched in proper English. They took advantage of that fact and will surely reap the benefits of their creative marketing.

I once completed an assignment from a different company that actually ordered the anchor text to be misspelled, another good example of thinking outside the box. Think about it: how many times have you searched for something only to realize that you misspelled a word in your search?

Are you, like me, so stuck on the "rules" that, because it lies outside "the box," you fail to see a wonderful solution to a problem? Or are you a creative thinker who commonly utilizes unorthodox methods to achieve your desired goal?