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Friday, September 21, 2007

Life with the Incredibles

Some scenes are just classic examples of life here in the Incredible household. Take, for example, a peek inside our recent loan closing.

Having no baby sitter, we are left with no option but to take our three girls - ages two, three, and four - with us. The girls and I meet Mr. Incredible at the bank, the set location of the closing, about five minutes before we are scheduled to close.

We all traipse up the two flights of stairs to our Loan Officer's area only to be told that we will be closing in a conference room downstairs. Consequently, we all traipse right back down the two flights of stairs we had laboriously climbed only minutes earlier.

We meet our attorney in the conference room. Our Loan Officer tells us that we are in good hands (which we are) and returns to his upstairs office. We get each of the girls settled in a chair at one of the conference tables and finally get to sit down ourselves.

Our attorney pulls out the bajillion papers associated with any loan closing and proceeds to tell us where to sign each page. The girls only make it through about a third of the papers before they become restless. Musical chairs becomes the order of the afternoon, and a game of tag is started before I sternly order them to sit in their chairs for the rest of the closing. I pull out the crayons and paper I brought to entertain them, but they want no part of it.

Baby Bear decides she is not going to sit in her chair and tries to join Pookie in her chair. I foil her attempt and hold her captive, decidedly against her will, on my lap. We sign a zillion more papers.

Miss Muffet joins Pookie on her chair. I decide she can stay as long as they both behave. Understandably, Baby Bear is not happy with that decision. We sign a million more papers.

The girls finally settle down. We sign about a hundred more loan documents. Finally, everything is set. We thank the attorney for his time and collect the footwear and ponytail holders littering the room. Shoes are put back on the feet to which they belong, and we marshal our little army out through the conference room door, through the bank lobby, and to our waiting vehicles.

End of scene.

Does this sound familiar to anyone else? *smile*


Karmyn R said...

Oh my goodness, yes - it totally sounds familiar. When we signed papers for our house, we had a 3yr old and almost 1 year old. Horror -

and don't get me started on when I've had to take them to doctor appts OR hair-cut appts OR vet appts. I just assume they see me coming and cringe.

Revka said...

Hey, Karmyn! I'm glad to hear your experiences! The joys of taking little ones with you everywhere, huh? :)