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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I was tagged

... to post 5 things about myself. Here's my list.

1. I am a piano teacher. Ever since I was young and taking piano lessons from a SAHM/pastor's wife, I knew that was what I wanted to do when I grew up: stay at home and take care of my husband and children, play piano for a church, and teach piano to help with extra expenses. The Lord has graciously given me the desires of my heart.

2. I once made a "profession" of salvation because I had gotten in trouble and was about to get a spanking. We had eaten half of a watermelon for lunch. Mom put the other half in the refigerator, telling us not to eat it because we would have it for supper. I LOVE anything sweet so I simply couldn't resist. I kept sneaking in and taking "just a little bit more," thinking that it wouldn't make enough of a difference for anyone to notice. By the time I finished eating my little bits, there was quite a noticeable hole scooped out. Of course Mom saw it and asked who had eaten the watermelon. Afraid of getting a spanking, I vehemently denied any involvement. Of course all my innocent siblings also denied the charge, leaving quite a little mystery for several hours. Everyone kept asking me if I was sure I hadn't eaten it. I kept denying my involvement until Mom point-blank said that she knew I had stolen the watermelon at which point I burst into tears. Mom and Dad said that, because I had disobeyed them and then lied about it, I would receive a spanking. I immediately and craftily interjected the following comment: "I need to get saved. I didn't understand before." (That's another story and was not actual salvation, either!) They were so thrilled that they immediately "led me to the Lord" and forgot all about the spanking. Horrible as that may be, we all laugh about it to this day.

3. I finished recording last night. Now I just have to pick the best version of each song and compile them into one CD. I am so excited!

4. I was once engaged to someone other than my husband. Praise the Lord the poor guy had the sense to break it off - we were just not right for each other! The breakup happened September 2, 1998. I moved to this general area on September 15, talked to my (now) husband for the first time at the fall festival in October, went on a first date with him in the middle of November, got engaged in March of '99, and was married August, 1999. Yes, it was rather fast, but the Lord certainly knows best. I am so blessed to be married to Mr. Incredible!

5. I love to read and always have. I am told that I was reading the Little House on the Prairie series at age 5. In my teen years, I would often check out more than 20 library books at one time and have them read within 24-48 hours. They weren't skinny teenager books, either! I'm talking Gone with the Wind, War and Peace, The Lord of the Rings, Pickwick Papers - ah, you get my drift!


Darby Turnipseed said...

I like number 2. I hope you don't mind if I steal it for a story.

Revka said...

No, I don't mind as long as it's used in a manner consistent with the character of the story and the original incident. If you're not sure what I mean by that, contact me via my e-mail address which you can find under my complete profile. Glad you enjoyed the story. :) Thanks for stopping by.