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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Alack and alas!

I am sad to report that the gallant knight on his noble steed failed to save the princesses. In other words, the bunk bed fit best right in front of the mural. WAHHH! Oh, well, I guess it'll just be better the second time around. The mural will stay up at least until the new year if not until spring, but then it's history. Other than that small detail, I am thrilled with the kids' room. It looks both spacious and attractive. Mr. Incredible did a great job of deciphering the cryptic instructions and assembling the bunks. The kids were super thrilled and excited. The only problem we had was that last night was Baby Bear's first night out of her crib. She was incredibly tired but would not fall asleep. I even lay between her and Miss Muffet for over an hour, but that didn't help, either. She just kept tossing and turning. I finally gave up in despair and asked Mr. Incredible to try his hand at putting her to sleep. He went in and, no lie, in less than two minutes was back to report that she was asleep. (!) He said he just went in and pointed at her, saying, "Lie down." She climbed back up in bed, put her thumb in her mouth, and went to sleep. Now I know who to put on bedtime duty!


knowhimwell said...

I have similar problems with my little boy. He will sometimes wake up too early in the morning. I can't get him to go back to sleep. He just cries for me. My husband just walks in and tells him to lay down and go back to sleep, and he does! I think it's because the moms are mostly the nurturers. My son just expects me to pick him up and cuddle him.


Revka said...

I think you have hit the nail on the head. Baby Bear seems to think that I will hold her and play with her, not make her go to sleep!