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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Saving the Disney Princesses

It has probably been 2 1/2 years since I first promised Pookie Bear a princess room. At the time, we were looking for another job for Mr. Incredible and were not sure where we would end up. We ended up here and just celebrated our one year anniversary of being here. During that time, I have managed to paint 2 walls in her room pink, add a border of stamped/stenciled Disney princess dresses at chair rail height on only one wall, and almost finished a free-hand mural based on the poster shown here. (The poster is available at framed or un-framed. Just search for "princess collage.") We have 2 bedrooms available for the kids and want 5 or 6 kids. Mr. Incredible had the bright idea to put all 3 girls in one room now and use Baby Bear's room as a guest bedroom until we have more kids.

To do this, we needed a way to create bed and storage space in a small room. The solution was to buy a twin-over-full bunk bed with storage drawers underneath and buy two 4-drawer chests to go along with the bed. We shopped around and found a great deal so we ordered the set yesterday. It will be delivered tomorrow so today I have to paint 2 walls purple and paint all the trim cream if I have the time. Where does "saving the Disney princesses" come in? Well, you remember the mural I mentioned. It is situated on the wall that would be best suited for the bunk bed. UGH!!! I do NOT want to draw and paint it all again!!! Mr. Incredible kindly said that he would try to work it out so that we won't have to cover it up. I'll keep you posted, but now I gotta run. A dear friend is keeping the children so I can paint today- yeehaw!


knowhimwell said...

Hey. Can you send me a link to the bed? We only have 3 bedrooms and we need all of them. I've been trying to figure out something to do for my daughter's room so that we could use it for my parents to stay in when they came to visit. This would work out for us. I've also thought about buying a daybed with a stow away pull out twin bed underneath. My friend from middle school had one of these.

I have a suggestion for you that I have used many times while teaching. I've had many things that I've wanted to enlarge for bulletin boards. What I do is take the picture I want and copy it or trace it onto an overhead transparency paper. Then I use an overhead projector to shine the image on the wall. I trace the image onto the wall or poster board. I've seen many artists do this.

I want to get my daughter's room done too!!!! I hope we can find the time and motivation.