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Thursday, December 21, 2006

To Jesus; From Pookie Bear, with love

As Christmas approaches, I am earnestly seeking to instill in my children the knowledge that Christmas is not about presents or Santa Claus; rather, it is the day set aside to celebrate Jesus' birth. Pookie Bear, being the oldest, has finally grasped this concept and eagerly anticipates "Jesus' birthday party." (I wish we really could have a birthday party for Jesus, and maybe we will next year. Unfortunately, we are going to be out of town for several days this year, and it's just not possible.)

Anyway, Pookie and I were wrapping her daddy's presents and her infamous beauty set. (I told her she has to act surprised and excited when she opens it - LOL) While we were doing that, I told her it would be nice if we gave Jesus a present. She was really excited about that idea. I said that we could buy something for Him or give money to church. She went to our bathroom and came back with one of the starfish I use as decoration, saying that here was Jesus' present.

Of course I'm thinking, "That is one lousy present!" I asked if she would like to get Him something else. "No, Jesus like a starfish." I asked why she thought He would like it. "Him like starfish." OH-KAY! Under our tree we now have a starfish from our bathroom wrapped in Christmas paper addressed to Jesus.

Jesus, I know you made everything, and I hope Pookie is right in thinking that you would like a starfish for Your birthday!

Update: I think God is pleased with any gift given with a pure heart. Pookie received her own special gift.


DJ Master AG said...

I'D like a starfish. That's a Great gift.

Revka said...

Well, I guess I know what your Christmas present is going to be! (laughing) I know! I'll put one in the Dirty Santa game and see if the aunts will fight over that. Wouldn't that be a hoot!

knowhimwell said...

If we could only think like children do. I'm sure He would be thrilled with a starfish - it didn't cost anything, no one had to charge it on a credit card, it isn't over commercialized, and He made it. Sounds like a perfect gift. Now who is going to open it?

We've been teaching DD about the meaning of Christmas too. She knows whose birthday it is.

Dirty Santa . . . we played that at the women's party at church last Sunday.

Revka said...

Hmm, I think I'll let Pookie open it for Jesus. I just wonder what she wants to do with it afterward?

Dirty Santa - it's an annual tradition at my husband's huge extended family celebration on Christmas Eve. He has 4 great-aunts who are not shy about stealing what they like. It is really funny to see these women fighting over toilet paper or some such item! The spending limit is $1, too, so you know there's nothing really FABULOUS in there. :)

knowhimwell said...

$1? Geez, what could I pick up from the Dollar Tree? Maybe a can of Pringles. LOL

Revka said...

Things like dish soap and screw drivers are usually hot items. LOL And, yes, a lot of the presents do come from the Dollar Tree.

BTW, we had our family Christmas tonight. We let Pookie open Jesus' present. Yep, she put it back in the bathroom :0)

A Higher Calling said...

What a cute story! Thank you for sharing! It sounds like you have done a wonderful job in teaching your daughter what Christmas is really about!

Have a blessed day,

Revka said...

Hi, Dana, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. You're welcome here any time.