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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Welcome back

The day after Thanksgiving, we helped my in-laws move back to their home from Cary, NC. They had rented out their house and lived in Cary for a few years because Dad S worked in Cary and also felt led of the Lord to start a church there. They moved from a 4/2 home to a 2/2 apartment. That in itself was an adjustment! As the latest renewal date for their lease approached, they began considering their options: stay in the same cramped apartment, move to a larger apartment, find a house to rent, or purchase another home in the Cary area. They did some house hunting in Cary and surrounding areas but found nothing both suitable and affordable. If you think housing prices are bad in your area, look at Cary NC Real Estate! Cary is a cultured town with large corporations and upscale attractions located nearby. There are excellent neighborhoods featuring beautiful (translation - expensive!) houses. There are golf course subdivisions and gated communities. If you have money and are looking to live the "good life," Cary is an excellent place to live. Still, I'm sure other areas in the country are worse in terms of pricing, but to me this area's market is ridiculous! Anway, my in-laws' renter gave them her notice to vacate which in turn gave them the added option of moving back home. After weighing all the options, they decided to move back to home sweet home and make the commute 6 days a week - twice on Sunday. It's nice to see them happy in their own home again and to know that they are about an hour closer to us than they were before. Welcome back, Mom and Dad!


knowhimwell said...

How far is their commute?

I have talked to my parents about moving closer to Raleigh and they said they couldn't afford it. I'm sure house prices are quite high in that area.

Revka said...

With the new Hwy 64 Bypass, their commute is between 30-40 minutes, and they live 33 miles away from Raleigh. I know because we used to live 2 miles away from them :) If your parents could find something in Nash County, prices are way cheaper there, and you can get even closer to Raleigh than where my in-laws live.