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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Created to Be His Help Meet Ch. 1

The soapbox is coming out!
In my first entry (Yahoo! 360 blog), I mentioned that I was learning a lot from Created to Be His Help Meet (by Debi Pearl). I also shared that my personal "soapbox" is God's role for me as a wife, woman, and mother. I'd like to share a couple of lessons I learned from the first chapter: God's Gift.
  1. Marriage is not like the fairytales - NO ONE just marries the right man and lives "happily ever after". I think we were all aware of that very soon after the wedding ceremony, maybe even on the honeymoon! ;) As a preacher said during revival, "A good marriage is only possible if there are two good forgivers."
  2. As Mr. Incredible's wife, I was created specifically to fill his need for companionship. God created me for the purpose of completing my husband's lack in this area, not for my own personal fulfillment. As long as I function within this created nature, I am inferior to none, for God equipped me uniquely for this task. No man could ever fill it.
  3. "The degree to which you reverence your husband is the degree to which you reverence your Creator. As we serve our husband, we serve God. But in the same way, when we dishonor our husband, we dishonor God."
  4. God designated the husband as the leader and the wife as the helper/follower. It is according to God's design that there be a chain of command in the home. It does not mean that one is superior to the other. It is the same as when Jesus is under the authority of God the Father. There is no loss of dignity in subordination when it serves a higher purpose.
  5. A perfect help meet is actively looking to see how she can be of help and service. She does not require a list of chores, nor does she carry a mental list which, when accomplished, is the limit of her efforts.

In summary: "A good help meet will have a passion to be of service. Her first calling is to be of service to her husband, then her children, and when time affords, her passion of service will spill over to serving others."