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Sunday, October 15, 2006

My 2 cents' worth

I am going to blog on Ch. 2 of Created to Be His Help Meet really soon, but before I do, I would like to add the following disclaimer(s):
  1. This is JUST a book; it is not the Bible.
  2. Since it is not the Bible, it was written by an "uninspired" human. (I know, I know! DUH!!!)
  3. Since it is not inspired, it is neither universally true nor universally applicable.
  4. This is not "the answer" for every woman and every marriage. (Again, that would be the Bible!!!)
  5. Not everything in here agrees with the Bible.
  6. We should be reading EVERYTHING with the discernment acquired by holding man's word up to the light of the Bible.
  7. I personally have been blessed, convicted, and encouraged by this book. (But it's okay with me if you read it and aren't blessed by it.)
  8. The majority of the book is based on sound Biblical principles.
  9. I still recommend reading this book; just remember to check it against Scripture.

There's my two cents' worth. Take it or leave it.Image