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Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Best Nest

When I was little, Daddy used to record himself reading stories to us. He would have the radio playing in the background and would adjust the volume in all the right places. He would also use different voices for different characters. I remember listening to those tapes over and over, and one of the things that I regret is that they have disappeared and/or broken over the years.

One of the stories he taped was "The Best Nest", which I believe was by V. Gilbert Beers. (I recommend his stories if you can find them.) The story was about a bird couple, and the mama bird was tired of her old nest and wanted a new one. The papa bird tried all these different places, and she would be satisfied at first, but after a short while something would happen that would show that the chosen place was not the ideal nest.

One place was in someone's shoe- you can imagine how that went! It ended up that they finally tried their old nest again, and this time it was perfect. The mama bird settled down in contentment and sang, "I love my house! I love my nest! In all the world this nest is best!"

Well, this is a photo of my "Best Nest." This is our house here. It was the only decent house in our price range, and it turns out the Lord knew what He was doing when He put us here. It is perfect for our current needs, we have good neighbors, and it even has extra perks that I would not have even thought of looking for - a room that is suited for a toy room (which keeps the kids' toys out of the REST of the house!), ceramic tile in the kitchen and both baths, a smooth-top stove, a 16x20 deck, and several other nice features.

I thank the Lord for His provision and know that He truly provides the best for those who trust and wait on His timing and direction.