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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just thoughts

Since I finished the exciting-but-at-the-same-time-tedious work of setting up this blog and transferring old posts, I have been trying to think of a wonderful, inspiring post. Well, forget it ... that's not me! :) In the end, I was inspired by Sandra at Diary of a Stay-at-Home-Mom. She basically told all of us bloggers to just be ourselves; great advice which I will proceed to follow!

Yesterday rained all day. I didn't mind, but the kids were a little bit fractious. I checked on the building a few times since the roof has not been shingled yet and we just moved all our unused supplies inside it last week. We covered the roof with tarps, and that did pretty well keeping the rain out, but Pookie Bear and I still placed about 10 pails to catch drips. She had a blast emptying them out this morning. Pure joy was on her face. I sometimes wish I were more like my children and found joy in the tiny things.

We all went walking this morning, and that felt good. I have been needing to get back into some kind of exercise routine. I am currently 20 lbs less than my highest non-pregnancy weight, and I would like to continue the downward trend. :) A neighbor said that she would like to walk with us, and we set a specific time to walk each day. That is a big help: I am committed to exercising rather than depending on whether or not I feel like exercising. Big difference for me! Anyway, the walk was therapeutic for me inasmuch as the kids had created several large messes and I was ready to kill them. Do any of you ever struggle with the urge to slowly strangle your darling angels with your bare hands?!? (I'm halfway joking here.) Life goes on, and when one mess is cleaned up I know that there will be 20 to takes its place. I love my children but am definitely lacking in the patience department. I mentally flog myself quite often because I have yelled at them yet AGAIN. It hurts me when I see how much I have hurt them. I always have to tell them that Mommy was wrong to yell and ask them to please forgive me. Oh, how sweetly and unhesitatingly they grant their forgiveness! That is another childish trait I would like to emulate. When Pookie Bear says that she forgives me, she really does. It becomes as if the incident never happened. How often do I say I forgive someone but keep the matter in the back of my mind? It's amazing what I learn from my children.

How are you guys doing? It seems like my good friends are really busy; only a few of you are putting up any new posts. I know ... life is busy. Well, take care, and I'll keep checking in on you.