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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Favorite photos

I love having my digital camera! It amazes me how many photos can fit on one tiny SD card. We bought a 1gb card, and I haven't run out of space on it yet. The problem is downloading and sharing all the lovely photos I take. *grin* For your viewing pleasure, here are some of my favorite photos. (Click 'Read More' link to view photos.)

Beautifully puffy cumulus clouds over the mountains

Sunset view at our campsite

Sunset sky - "Red at night - sailor's delight; red in the morning - sailors take warning."

I love flower closeups.

These wild blackberries (?) were all around our camp site.


Jen said...

I LOVE the sunsets
and the flower is pretty too

Anonymous said...

good pics reefk. -sho-

Anonymous said...

Hi R--you are lovin' your digital (smile)! Some nice photos here, R.

Revka said...

Than sunset photos and loved them all. :)

Revka said...

Thanks, Sho and Frank. I'm glad you like my photos, too.