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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10-20-30 Meme

MIntheGap of MIntheGap and Weekend Kindness has chosen me to complete the interesting 10-20-30 meme created by author Mary DeMuth whom you can find at Relevant blog. He wants to know what I was doing 10, 20, and 30 years ago.

10 years ago I was twenty years old. I was studying Music Education at Pensacola Christian College (I never did put in the practice that I should have!), enjoying being engaged (to the man I didn't marry), and planning my wedding (the one that never happened). I worked as a proof reader and as one of the college switchboard operators. I lived in town that year and enjoyed the freedom of not living in the dorms "residence halls." That was also the year that the College Choir, of which I was a part, had the opportunity to be recorded as back up for a gorgeous song, "The Majesty and Glory of Your Name" by Tom Fettke, sung by Ray and Ann Gibbs. I cannot describe how it felt to be in the recording studio, knowing I was part of something that would be absolutely beautiful.

20 years ago I was ten years old. My mom was in the early stages of being pregnant with my little sister - Sarah and I are almost eleven years apart. I was having fun being a tomboy and a bookworm. I had the same teacher for fifth grade that I had in second grade. I didn't know that I was attending my last year at VCS, the school I had attended since starting school in 2nd grade at age seven. This was the year my friend Michelle and I sang a duet for the school's gong show. We were gonged, which did hurt my feelings. *smile*

30 years ago I was one month old - my days were probably filled with eating, sleeping, and dirtying my diaper. I obviously don't remember anything from that year.

I'd like to know what the following bloggers were doing 10, 20, and 30 years ago: Karen, Linda, Heather, Robyn, and Lani. As always, if you don't have the time, please don't worry about it. *smile*


Shoshannah said...

I was telling Spencer about you being in the Gong show the other day and how Sandy Costa was so mean about gonging y'all. We were talking about how reality shows are remakes of things that have been around before. IE America's Got Talent is a remake of the Gong Show.

jen said...

wow theres 10 years between my boys :)

If youd like to see mine I did it awhile ago

Justice Fergie said...

hi revka!

long time no visit :) just stopped by to say that i LOVE the blog header you did for Tanyetta at Days Like These. great job!!

Revka said...

Hey, Sho, it's funny that you were talking about that and then I posted it. :) I guess it's true that ther is nothing new under the sun.

Revka said...

Hey, Jen! 10 years between kids - wow! Does that work out well? Yes, I'd love to read your; thanks for letting me know. :)

Revka said...

Hi, Fergie! Goodness - it has been a long time. :) I'm glad you stopped by, and thanks for the sweet comment. I'm glad you like her header. I've learned a lot since I designed the ones for your review. :)