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Friday, November 02, 2007

Search Engine Optimization

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I think every blogger and every website fights this battle - at least for a while. Here's a common scenario: you start a blog, install a stat counter to keep track of the amount of traffic you are receiving, and wait for the visitors to start dropping by your little piece of Internet real estate. Time goes by, and your stats show that you are receiving very few visits. You wonder what is wrong and how you can fix the problem.

There are a few simple steps you can take to help bring traffic to you site:
  • visit blogs and leave relevant (not spam!) comments on posts that interest you. Be sure you leave a link to your site, preferably in the field named URL or Website.
  • participate in a contest such as the Fall, Y'all! Bloggy Giveaway.
  • ask to exchange links with a site you like or one that targets an audience similar to yours.
  • load your site with great content and optimize your pages/posts for search engines.
The last tip is what I would like to explore in this post. Good ways to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) include:
  • making a keyword bold the first time it appears on the page or in your post
  • deep linking - link to other pages or posts on your site
  • write articles for ezines - they generally allow you to link to your site in your profile at the end of the article
  • make your titles into links and write titles that are concise yet detail what your readers can expect to find in the content following the title
  • have a navigation bar (for small sites) or a site map (for large sites)
  • offer solid content, not fluff, using keywords and phrases but taking care that you do not use so many they overshadow your content
If you feel that you need SEO help, there are companies and consultants eager to assist you. This SEO Company is a great example. They have done the research necessary to know exactly how to maximize SEO for your site.

For example, they offer a list linking to deep link directories that "offer the most links to your site per Web Directory submission." You can either do these submissions yourself, or they have a web directory submission service where they will submit your site for you.

Another feature of this site is a list linking to SEO tools that will help you attain higher search engine ranking.

Many SEO companies also offer free resources. Our example site offers a SEO blog where you can find the latest SEO news and also has a Podcasting blog featuring tips on creating a quality podcast.

Whatever road you take, whether you conduct your own research and find your way through trial-and-error or whether you choose to place your trust in a professional, you can improve your site's search engine visibility and, in turn, see more traffic coming to your site.