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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mr. Incredible Truly Is Incredible!

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I have so many different posts piled up in my head from the few short days I was without my computer. Thankfully, there appears to be nothing wrong with the computer, but the new monitor we purchased was broken. I'm glad our old one is actually working so we were able to return the new monitor for a refund instead of an exchange. Our best guess now is that our surge protector is wonky, so we've tried replacing that. So far so good, but out fingers are still crossed.

Back to those posts in my head. You'll be seeing several of them over the next couple of days. I hope I don't swamp you with such a deluge. Before I get to those, though, I simply must brag on Mr. Incredible.

You all know how badly Mr. Incredible has wanted to replace his broken PlayStation2. We finally had enough "extra" money for him to do so, and last night he went to buy it. When he came home, I was cooking dinner. He brought his package into the living room where the girls clamored to see it. Without turning around, I emphasized that this was Daddy's and that they would be in big trouble if they touched it.

Mr. Incredible mentioned something about Wal-Mart not having it in stock, which puzzled me so I turned around to ask him about that statement. When I did, I was shocked to see this. I never expected that, though I had told him months ago that I really wanted it.

My first thought was that he had bought the vacuum cleaner in addition to his PlayStation2, but I didn't see the game system anywhere. He informed me that he had purchased the vacuum cleaner for me instead of buying himself that PS2. Wow! That literally made me cry. Getting me something that I really wanted instead of what he wanted - that spoke volumes to me.
  1. He actually listened when I said I wanted that vacuum cleaner.
  2. He thought of me.
  3. He cares enough about me to sacrifice his desires to make me happy.
Life couldn't be sweeter right now. Oh, and I have told him that he will be getting his PS2 very soon. :)


Karen_thrifty said...

Yay! I love my vacuum too!

Karen_thrifty said...

p.s. Yay for your hubby too! :)

jen said...

bless him :)

Revka said...

I couldn't agree more, Karen. This vacuum is awesome! And so is Mr. Incredible. :)

Revka said...

Amen, Jen. :)