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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Everyday Life

I'm very happy to report that nearly everyone is well again. Mr. Incredible still has some sinus problems, but everyone else seems to be fine - finally! On top of that good news, I've only had one brief bout of morning sickness and am feeling great so far. Yippee! (Yes, you read and understood that correctly. *grin*)

My mother and father picked up the girls yesterday and brought them back in time for church tonight. I enjoyed my peaceful house, but I must admit I did miss having the girls around. I got a lot of design work accomplished today, and I should have - I sat at my computer for nearly eight hours straight!

RS Designs' Happy Holidays specialSpeaking of design work, I thought you might be interested to learn that Linda and I are running a holiday special at RS Designs right now. We have created holiday themed headers and templates and are offering them at special holiday prices. I think we did a good job. *smile* You're welcome to let us know what you think of our efforts. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

We are also starting a series of tutorials telling you how to customize your Blogger blog. Planned tutorials include editing, adding, or deleting borders, changing your blog's colors to something other than the standard Blogger palate, customizing your comment link, and much more. We're not planning to put ourselves out of business, but we are willing to show you how to make changes to your blog on your own. I'm excited about this series. If you have any customization questions, leave me a comment, and, if I am able, I'll write a tutorial to answer your question.

Well, I guess that brings you up to date on my life. I need to get back to paying bills online, including the insurance bill I ended up with after receiving an excellent term life insurance quote. I'm happy to know that my family won't be put in a bind if I should die.

Actually, that's a rabbit trail I really don't have time to go down right now. Have a great night!


jen said...

pleased to hear that everyone is almost better again
Praying for Mr. Incredible I get sinus sometimes

good to hear your not too sick
I hate the first 3 months
how preggy are you?

bless your parnets

Revka said...

Thanks, Jen. I calculate I was 9 weeks on Tuesday. With my girls, I was sick every morning/night by this time. Maybe it's a boy. :)

Yes, I really appreciate Mom and Dad taking the girls. It was a nice break, and the girls had fun, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Revka, I'm so glad that you have not been too sick! What a blessing!


Revka said...

Yes, Holly, it has been a huge blessing. With the girls, I threw up nearly every day (sometimes more than once) during the first trimester and then for the last six weeks or so - not so much fun.:)