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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Banking Online

I like the bank of which we are currently customers. I have been with other banks that I have not liked, but our bank consistently provides good services at competitive rates with few fees. One feature I particularly like is online banking - it is much more convenient to pay bills and check your balance from home than to have to go to your bank to perform those same functions.

I sometimes look at online banks to see how my bank compares. One online bank, WaMu, seems to have great products: their free checking account offer free ATM withdrawals, free checks for the life of your account (only one style qualifies), a Gold debit Master Card, one overdraft/ nonsufficient funds fee refund per year, $0 monthly fee (it is a free checking account, after all), and only requires $1 to open the account. (I didn't list everything included with this account; follow the link for the complete list of features.)

Though I do like WaMu's products, I believe I will stick with my bank for a while longer.

Do you bank online? Why or why not?


Susan L. Prince said...

I've banked online (is "banked" a word?) for many years now. I love it.


- Being able to check my balance at anytime.
- Transfer money between accounts

I haven't "balanced" a checkbook in about 5 years...always hated that. Heck, actually, I rarely write checks at all anymore.

I sell software at the Office Supply store I work at, and one gentelman came in wanting Microsoft Money. I told him I used to do my account activity and balance every month, but then I was like "why am I doing this?" I was just downloading everything I could see right there anyway. I told him that and he said "yeah, I see your point" and opted to basically just bank online.

I mean those software programs are nice to help one budget, and keep up with where your money is going and maybe good for tax purposes, but for me, it's pointless.

I love online banking and don't understand why more people aren't doing that yet. I guess people are "afraid" or something? I don't know.

I also don't understand why people are writing checks? Especially young people?


Shoshannah said...

We started banking online when we ran out of checks and didn't have time for new ones to come in before the bills were due.

Revka said...

Susan, the more I take advantage of online banking, the more I agree with your opinions.

My husband has always been hesitant to bank online because of security concerns. So far, we have had no problems.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave you comment.

Revka said...

Hey, Sho, I've been saved a couple of times myself, though not from that exact same situation. :) Yep, convenience is great.