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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Catching Up

I promised to catch you up on my life during the more-than-a-week I did not post.

Wednesday was Mr. Incredible's birthday. I made him the angel food cake he requested. He was very surprised to receive the 57 Chevy #8 car. (I'm happy; the girls and I had to take a 3 hour round trip to get it on Tuesday!). I also spent most of the afternoon attempting to clean up after a fiasco with Baby Bear and acrylic paint. That's not a very fun story, and it was my fault. *sigh*

Pookie Bear had asked to paint after breakfast, and I let her. Once she finished up, I cleaned up and put the paints away where I thought Baby Bear could not get them. Apparently I was wrong. She got into the bottle of black paint; when I found her, it was all over her (thank goodness she was clad in only a diaper!), the table, two chairs, and the dining room ceramic tile floor. It could have been worse.

Oh, wait! It did get worse! While I was scrubbing Baby Bear in the tub, Pookie attempted to help me by cleaning up, and Miss Muffet decided to do a little painting of her own. When I came out of the bathroom, both the couch and the recliner had black paint on their armrests, and one of the couch cushions had black paint on the edge. Not only that, but there were two paint-covered towels on the living room carpet (Pookie's unsuccessful attempts at cleanup) and black paint drops down the hall - not sure who left those for me. Ugh!

I'm glad Mr. Incredible had a good day; I sure didn't!

Thursday was fun. Mr. Incredible found out that the Budweiser Clydesdales were in town for a show and were being stabled about two minutes from our house. Since the public was welcome to see the horses free of charge, he took the girls and me with him to see the horses during his lunch break. We all enjoyed that. (I'll share pictures later.)

On Friday, I found out that the good news I had hinted at before was now official: a little thing called MyBlogLog is running a contest which offers a Grand Prize worth approximately $2,600. That is great news for me because part of that Grand Prize package is a complete blog redesign by none other than yours truly of RS Designs! I didn't offer this on my own - I was asked to be a sponsor. Wow! That made me quite happy.

Saturday was fun; we went to a t3rd birthday party for one of my nieces. The theme was Old MacDonald Had a Farm, and they had a horse for all the kids to ride. My girls absolutely loved that. (You'll see those pictures soon, too.) After the party, we went to Mr. Incredible's grandparents' place to help out and enjoy barbecued baby back ribs and shrimp. Yum! On the way home, though, our van nearly quit on us and is in the shop as I write. Ugh!

Yesterday, our computer monitor quit. Mr. Incredible kindly brought home another one for me. He said he knew I'd be going crazy if I couldn't work on my computer!

So how have you been while I have been absent?


jen said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Incredible

Isnt it amazing how little ones can get into things that we dont think they can nor want them too

you sound busy but happy :)

Revka said...

Thanks, Jen! I'll pass your message along. :)

Yes to both of your next statements; kids get into things way too quickly, and I am both busy and happy. :)

The New Parent said...

Hi R---OK, your little one in black paint---yipes--would love to have seen the photos (laugh)!

Revka said...

Oh, yes, Frank! That was a sight to behold! *wry grin* I'm not eager to repeat that experience, let me assure you.