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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Put a photo on canvas

When Mr. Incredible and I got married, our entire wedding budget was $3,000, and we actually spent about $1,500. One item where we saved money was wedding photos. We I found a lady who was willing to photograph our wedding for $150. Yep, that's it. Honestly, I had no high expectations regarding her, and she wasn't a professional photographer, but we did end up with several nice photos. However, my husband always regretted that I never had a bridal portrait taken. He loves the professional portraits in their beautiful frames showcasing the bride in her lovely gown and her studied pose. The lack of such a photo never bothered me, but he really wanted us to have one. In the end, we decided on a photo we both liked and had Walgreen's enlarge it for us and then had it professionally framed. It looks nice, but I have since found a website that I wish I had come across when we wanted to get the picture made.

Canvas on Demand is a fabulous company that offers photo enlargement services. They don't, however, merely enlarge your photograph; instead, they enlarge it as a ready-to-mount canvas. Standard services include standard gallery wrap (the canvas is wrapped around the side of the wooden frame and stapled, enabling you to mount it without having to purchase a frame first) and the standard Photorealistic photo reproduction (no special effects but does include cropping and enhancing the color, hue, brightness, and sharpness of your photo). Canvas on Demand also has many special techniques from which to choose: Light BrushStrokes to create the look of an oil painting, Black and White to Sepia, Photo Restoration, Background Replacement, and more. They offer many canvas sizes and can even combine elements from different photos to create that image you always wished you had.

Doesn't that sound great? I'm excited to tell you that because I accepted this special opportunity, I am going to be receiving a 16x20 canvas of my choice of photo! I'll let you know how it turns out, but I am betting that the canvas will be excellent.


Lacy said...

Got $20 discount on photo enlargement at Canvas On Demand, it's so worthy.