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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A few announcements

You know I enjoy blogging. If I didn't, I wouldn't blog at multiple sites: Little Fun; Little Learning, RS Designs, and here at The Porch Light. Well, I have quietly added another blog to my list. I use Rants, Raves, and Rejects as my opinion blog. So far I only have 8 posts up, but this blog will feature my opinion about everything from products to websites to politics (perhaps) to religion to ... you name it. If have an opinion about something, I'm posting it at Rants, Raves and Rejects.

By the way, I just realized that I failed to notify you, my friends, that RS Designs now has its own domain - I'm keeping the old site ( live but am not posting there any more and am only leaving it up so that people will know how to find the new site. The new site has a much more professional template and overall setup. If you're interested at all, I'd like your input regarding the new site.

I'm always finding new "toys" to try on my blogs. You may have noticed that a couple of my recent posts have featured a "Read More" link at the bottom. I found that hack at a wonderfully informative blog, Hackosphere. I previously used their method for creating a 3 column blog template. This time I used their coding to create Expandable posts with peekaboo view. The instructions were very easy to follow, but if you wish to implement this feature on your blog, do remember to check the box to view expanded widgets on your template, or you will not be able to follow the directions. (Don't ask how I know this!)

One other new feature I have added to all of my blogs it the newsletter. Take a look at the top of my right sidebar, and you will see the button where you can subscribe to The Beacon, the newsletter for this blog. Subscription is absolutely free, and you will receive e-mail notification of all new posts. As I figure out how to use this service, I may feature other items in the newsletter as well. My newsletters are all provided by, a fantastic free service.

The picture of Rants, etc. is the result of my reading's post Learn how to take a screenshot. How simple is that?

I hope you find this information relevant and even helpful. I know I love to learn new tricks, and I suspect most of you do, too.