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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Drama from the girls

I mentioned Mr. Incredible's family's pig picking, but I didn't tell you that it was this past Saturday. We had a great time, and the barbecued pig was delicious. The day was not without its drama, however.

Pookie Bear started the excitement. Two canisters of homemade ice cream were being made, and Pookie Bear and Baby Bear enjoyed playing in the cooler, splashing the cold water from the ice leftover from freezing the ice cream. Suddenly, Pookie started complaining that her hands were too hot. I dismissed her complaints, thinking that they probably were feeling warm because of being so cold. (You know what I mean, right?) Then she showed me that white spots were starting to appear. I still dismissed her complaints, though I did think that was rather strange. When she started crying and saying that her hands were getting too big, I knew we had a problem. I rushed her inside the house and opened a Benadryl capsule, dissolving the contents in a glass of soda to make it palatable. I never did figure out what caused the reaction, but after a couple of hours, her hands were back to normal.

Baby Bear was not wearing her shoes, having picked up on my love of going barefoot. She walked outside, only to step on a bumblebee that was collecting pollen from the clover in the yard. As soon as she started screaming, I knew something was really wrong. The bee's stinger was still in her poor little foot. I pulled out the stinger and took Baby Bear inside the house where an application of meat tenderizer seemed to help with the pain. I cuddled her inside the house for a while, amusing her with Mama's stethoscope that she uses to check her and Papa's blood pressure. (Stethoscopes are great tools for distracting children's attention, or at least that is what I find with my girls.) After a couple of hours, she, too, was back to normal.

Toward the end of our stay, Mr. Incredible took all of us out on the paddle boat. Baby Bear with playing with the lid of a compartment in the back of the boat when Miss Muffet climbed from the front seat to the back, pinching Baby Bear's finger in the process. More tears!

Thankfully, that was the last dramatic event of the day. We all enjoyed ourselves, but everyone was glad to get back home, too. How did your weekend go?

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Anonymous said...

Hi R--isn't it interesting how we dismiss they're sense of urgency about some things? I know that at times when my daughter experesses an urgency, our knee-jerk response is to gloss past it. Generally, it turns out to be something important or she's correct about something.

I still marvel that I can't hear the difference in her tone at those moments.
Thanks for sharing!