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Friday, June 15, 2007

Additional services generate interest

Even though I cannot yet fulfill my dreams of traveling Europe the world, I decided that I can "travel" there via web sites and printed materials. There are so many good web sites that make me feel like I have had at least a taste of world-renowned locales: Rome, Prague, London, Vienna, and so many other cities.

As I visited various sites, I noticed that many travel sites write small articles about the cities to which they provide service. I think that is a smart idea. If I were trying to decide between multiple destinations, I would like to have ready access to information regarding events and activities available at each destination. A site that provides such a service will give me reason to remember them.

As an entrepreneur, it would behoove me to learn the lesson these sites aptly demonstrate: providing quality information related to your niche will make your site memorable and provide a reason for casual surfers to return.


The New Parent said...

Hi R--so where do you think you'd like to travel to next?

Italy, France?