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Friday, February 23, 2007

To DIY or not to DIY?

When we purchased our house, we did so with the intent of completely repainting both the interior and the exterior. The previous owners had good taste and nothing is hideous, but it's just not what I want to see permanently. Thus far, we have managed to paint the girls' room, although a portion of it will have to be redone shortly due to the ill-fated placement of the Princess mural. I have the paint colors chosen, but the question ringing in my mind is this:

"Revka, is it really worth the hassle to paint every inch of the house yourself? You know you will have to deal with the kids wanting to "help" you as you paint!"

After doing some research into painting costs, my cheap frugal side is screaming at me to go ahead and do the job myself. I know Mr. Incredible will certainly help; in fact, knowing him, he'll probably end up doing to bulk of the painting. Do you guys have any thought on this? Sometimes I think it is worth paying someone else to do these kinds of chores!


Justice Fergie said...

When we moved into our house hubby and I painted the entire inside of the house with the exception of the bathrooms and the hallway. We had a good time doing it, although it was a lot of work, and createdf un memories. Hubby was also SO proud to show everyone who came to visit that we painted the house. So for those reasons, I would say - give it a try! Not to mention it was a lot cheaper than hiring someone. One caveat: when we first moved in, we did not yet have any children! I don't think we would take on that type of project now! Good luck :-)

Revka said...

Thanks for your input, Fergie! I really appreciate it. I think we probably will do it ourselves, but I must admit the children bit is the big drawback for me. If only someone would offer to keep them for a week or so! :)

rindy said...

I think the answer is different for each...I am also frugal and if I can do it myself, I do. However, that is one reason my house projects are never finished ;) I always look around and weigh what needs to be done, cost and time involved, especially with young kids...might be worth trying to find someone (friend, church) who would do it cheaper (am saying 'cause friend just asked me...)

Revka said...

Hey, Rindy, good to hear from you again, and that's a great idea. I hadn't thought of asking someone other than a professional. That might be a great solution; thanks for the suggestion.

knowhimwell said...

We painted our living room one night after the kids went to bed. We started after the baby went to bed because the 3 year old understood to stay away from it. She sat on the couch and watched some dvds in her room too. This was probably 9 months ago so he is a toddler now and likes to roam and touch. We definitely couldn't consider doing this while he was awake. I would suggest taking one night a week to paint, after the kids have gone to bed (maybe even 2 nights).

One day while I was gone to work my husband put the first coat on the hallway. I brought home a bunch of paint samples yesterday for my little girl's room. I think I have picked the color I want in there. Her only request was that it was purple. I'd like to find a bed set first before I get the paint. I just want to make sure my choice doesn't clash.

I would not consider paying someone to paint our house. I can live with a few errors on our part, but it would really bother us if we paid someone to make the boo-boos. I learned an early lesson from my parents. Every time they paid someone they knew to do a job, they were miserable with the outcome. I just had a friend make the same mistake and it cost her thousands. Actually, I remember that I had 2 friends make this mistake. It seems as though when you know the person, you don't feel comfortable calling them back to fix something that is wrong. Then there's an awkwardness inbetween you. I'll just avoid that situation.

That's my two cents anyway. Good luck!


Revka said...

Thank you, Karen, for your input. I agree that knowing a person you hire can make it difficult to approach them about a less-than-acceptable job. It'll be interesting to see how we swing this, and I think your suggestion of getting the kids in bed before we begin working has merit. Thanks again, and I love hearing from you here. Thanks for stopping by. :)