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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day in review

I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day. We didn't do too much, but we managed to have fun anyway. Pookie helped me make sugar cookies. She cut them out herself and covered them with the red sprinkles I had purchased on clearance after Christmas. *grin* She was so excited to be able to give her Daddy a red-sprinkle-covered heart-shaped cookie. I thought Mr. Incredible and I had agreed not to even give each other cards this year so I was quite surprised when he proceeded to give the girls a heart-shaped box of chocolates and produced one for me along with a lovely, thoughtful card. Poor man! He only got the cookies we baked. Of course, I had bought him 3 die cast cars the week before, but I still felt rather bad. After all the sugar, we're all rather sluggish this morning. I almost feel like I could use a metabolism booster. (You know how I really feel about that, though.) How did your day go yesterday?


Justice Fergie said...

hi revka!

our was pretty uneventful...I had big plans to make us a fancy dinner since i thought i would have the day off b/c of the snow. Instead I ended up having to to work and didn't get home until we had pizza and called it a night. At first I was a bit disappointed but quickly realized that I really had nothing to be disappointed about :-)

The next day I made red velvet heart cupcakes for my family and wouldn't you know, they were just as happy to eat them the day after Vday!

Revka said...

You know, you are so right, Fergie! VDay is just a man-made holiday. We can celebrate our love and our family every day. Thanks for the reminder.