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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Craig's List

I don't know if you have heard about Craig's List, but Good Morning America did a feature on this a while ago. I'm a member of Freecycle, and I love it, but sometimes I don't mind having to pay a small price for an item, and other times, I simply don't want to GIVE something away.

That is where Craig's List comes in. Some guy named Craig began a site that is basically a virtual classifieds section. You can buy and sell and even find free stuff. The selection varies according to the location - duh! Do your research for your item (say, home furniture) on the Internet to determine a reasonable price for the item you are buying or selling. Then take a look at Craig's List to list your item or see if someone is offering it. To find your Craig's List area, click on Craig's List. You will arrive at the site for the San Francisco Bay area, but on the right hand side of the page are three columns of locations from which to choose.


The New Parent said...

Hey there--freecycle is actually a terrific thing. Have shared with others on freecycle and it has been a solid experience.

Revka said...

I love being part of Freecycle and actually belong to two groups that are close to my area. I have both given and received great items. Whoever came up with this idea was brilliant!

The New Parent said...

I agree. It's really a clever idea.