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Monday, February 12, 2007

Congrats are in order

It seems as though my family has decided that the pregnancy experience is best when shared. For example, one of my nieces was born in July of one year and Pookie Bear was born exactly 4 months later. More recently, my sister in TX had a baby girl on November 15, and my brother's wife (still pregnant, BTW) was pregnant then as well. Now, my oldest sister, Sho, has made public her exciting news that they are expecting their fourth child sometime in September. I'm so excited for them! Would you leave her a congratulatory note and let her know I sent you? Thanks!


Shoshannah said...

Thanks, Reefk. We're excited, but this morning sickness is killing me. No more of this for me....I don't think.

Justice Fergie said...

Will do. Congratulations Auntie Revka!

Revka said...

I know you're glad you are finally on your last kid, Sho! I'm looking forward to that day, too, but I will miss having a little baby around.

Thank you, Fergie. :0)