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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Con artists in the making

Even though I did make light of the beginning of this week, I must say it was certainly not ideal! I am so glad that Spring is fast approaching. The temperature has flirted with the 70F mark for the past three days so the girls and I have seized the chance to revel in the outdoors. We have had fun swinging on the swings (well, I push them - I'm kinda too big for their child-sized swing set!), playing a simplified version of dodge ball, playing in the sandbox, and just being outside again.

All this outside fun does come with a minor price, however - we are going through enough Band-Aids to supply several First Aid kits! Both Pookie Bear and Miss Muffet think that any injury, no matter how insignificant, requires the application of a Band-Aid to soothe away the "pain." I keep explaining that a Band-Aid is not necessary unless there is actually blood, but I think they are just in love with the exalted status acquired by means of the badge of suffering that is a Band-Aid.

You see, when one is in possession of a Band-Aid (applied to one's skin, of course), one has the means by which to extort sympathy, even from strangers. Simply put on your most forlorn face and hold up the "injured" member, making sure the Band-Aid is most prominently in view. Sadly say, "I got an owie." (or something similar) More likely than not, those suckers grownups will fall over over themselves in their attempts to make you feel better. If you are lucky, you might even get money or candy for your efforts. Ah, yes! There's nothing like the rush of having "touched up a score" yet again!

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The New Parent said...

Well, my daughter went through a period--when she first learned about band aids--where wearing one was such a nice adornment.

Now they're just another tool for scrapes and cuts. But, she does love to peel the paper off and open them up!

Revka said...

I think most kids are fascinated with them at first. I just wish mine had gotten over their fascination!

knowhimwell said...

Yes, there is something about a band-aid to make the pain go away. I tell the kids the same thing about saving the band-aids for when there's blood. I did break one out the other day though b/c one of my students was soooooo dramatic about getting hurt. I knew a band-aid would do the trick. lol

Revka said...

It always amazes me how quickly the sobs can stop the the tears will dry up once that band aid is applied. :)