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Saturday, January 05, 2008

White Sale Bargains?

I am a cheapskate. I hate to spend money unnecessarily, and I hate to spend more than I have to. While I do not often use food coupons because I find that store brands are usually a better deal, I rarely purchase clothing, household items, or gifts at full price. My favorite sales are the ones where you receive an additional 50% or more off already reduced merchandise.

The purchase of our king size bed in January, 2005, necessitated our purchasing king size bedding, including pillows. I found good quality pillows on sale: buy 1, get 1 free. I was pleased with the price and the quality, and we have enjoyed the pillows. Now, they are not as firm and plump as is comfortable for us, and I am keeping my eyes open for the next good deal. I would also like to purchase a foam mattress topper (we called them egg crates in college) if I can find one at a good price.

I know that many stores have a White Sale in January. I found an interesting account of the history of white sales and common practices today. I'm still going to keep my eyes open for pillow and foam mattress topper bargains, but I'm a little more skeptical that what I will find will be as good of a deal as I think it is.

What would you spend for two good quality king size pillows?

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Anonymous said...

Hi R--OK, when I see a room (especially a bedroom) in white, it makes me remember how much I do love white walls, white sheets and pillows (smile).