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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

July 4th Baby

At least, that what the lab tech says. After a month's wait from the time I called at my pregnancy's 12th week to schedule my first appointment, I finally got in on Monday to have the mandatory (ridiculous, in my case) pregnancy test done. (Really, I'm sixteen weeks along, have already taken three home tests, have experienced the morning sickness and fatigue, and have already felt the baby move. Trust me, people; I'm pregnant! End of rant. *smile*) I was really nervous about having to go to a new doctor/office after having had the same doctor with all of my previous 4 pregnancies. I love(d) Dr. H!

Unfortunately, I did not have a good experience with our one and only local OB office. (There are nine OB doctors in our town, but they are all at the same clinic, which I don't like.) From the very first time I called to try to set up an appointment, they seemed uncaring and "by the book." Not one person ever inquired as to how far along I thought I was or asked any questions beyond what was necessary to schedule the appointment or fill out the necessary paperwork. That really bothered me.

When I arrived for my appointment, the receptionist checked me in, and I sat down to wait. Practically the only good thing about my visit was the fact that I did not have to wait long. After about five minutes, another lady called me and requested my insurance information. After another five minutes' wait, I was taken back to the lab where I gave them the needed specimen and was told I would have about a five minutes' wait.

Shortly, the lab tech called me in and informed me that the pregnancy test was positive. I'm sorry to say this is where I started feeling a bit annoyed.

"Um, yes. I'm sixteen weeks along."

"Oh, so you already know that. Do you want to know your due date?"

"Well, I figured it's July 5th or so, but go ahead."

After some calculations, I was informed that I was exactly sixteen weeks along and that my due date is July 4th. So far, I haven't learned anything new. I was given my paperwork and told to proceed to checkout where my next visit, the one where I consult with the OB nurse and the insurance counselor - still no doctor, will take place. Nothing is written on my paperwork stating that I am already 16 weeks along or that I am due July 4th.

The checkout lady took my paperwork, asked no questions, and proceeded to inform me that their next available opening was February 11. What?! That's four more weeks, and I will be twenty weeks along - half way there! I won't even see a doctor until the visit after the one being scheduled.

"Maybe I'll just skip the doctor and go straight to the hospital," I muttered under my breath, not caring whether or not the woman heard me. She didn't say anything, so I don't know if she did hear me being a brat. After receiving my appointment card, I walked out, muttering, "I hate this place!" under my breath.

I went out to the parking lot to call Mr. Incredible. I had felt like crying in the lab waiting room and did actually cry when I talked to Mr. Incredible. This office was nothing like what I was used to - the routines, attitudes, and entire atmosphere were completely different and not in a good way.

"I want to go home! I want my doctor!" I don't think I actually said the words aloud, but that is what I was thinking. I found it rather ironic that a pre-natal visit was what triggered my first major bout of homesickness.

Thankfully, Mr. Incredible understood how upset I was and suggested that I call a nearby (larger) town to see if I could get in there. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this town offered not one but five OB clinics. I called two of them, and the second one not only was able to schedule me to come in on January 24, about three weeks earlier than my local clinic could accommodate, but also seemed to be friendly and much more like the office I knew and loved. I'll meet with the insurance counselor, have blood work done (wish I could skip that!), be examined by the midwife, have an ultrasound done (hopefully we'll be able to find out our baby's gender), and meet the doctor. I'm actually looking forward to this visit.

I'm sure I'll be telling you how it goes and if we find out whether we are having a boy or a girl. Frankly, I'm thinking boy this time. I was given boy clothes and recently won a baby boy diaper bag, not that those things mean anything in and of themselves, but ... *smile*

So what is your best or worst pregnancy visit story?

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The Trier and Jen said...

I do not like being treated as a number

i miscarried with my first ever pregnancy and had a scan to confirm
the people wouldnt tell me what was going on until I made a fuss

praying that the new clinic is all you want to it to be


Revka said...

That is exactly how I felt, Jen, though I didn't think of it in that exact phrase. I want my health care providers to have an interest in me as a person, too.

My first pregnancy was miscarried as well. That was my first experience with Dr. H and his staff, and they were wonderful.

Thanks for the prayers. I'll definitely let you know how it goes. :)

cami said...

the only downfall that i had in my pregnancy was that there was one time i was in a car accident (minor)but it was still enough to scare me to death. we went by ambulance to the base hospital and that was the only time they were NONE too friendly. they thought i came by ambulance just to be checked. well, it took me 2 times to explain to them what happened and then they decided to check me fortunatly there was nothing wrong

Revka said...

I can understand why they would be aggravated if someone did that, but I would think they would listen to find out why you were riding in the ambulance.

M. is such a cutie - glad he was okay.

cami said...

yea,i can understand too cause some women do that but just the idea that it took me several times to get them to understand was my big frustration.

LOLLY said...

Congratulations, I just realized you were expecting~ Hope things go smoother from here on out!

Revka said...

Definitely, Cami! I would have been frustrated, too. :)

Revka said...

Thanks, Lolly! :) I'll let y'all know how it goes on Thursday. I really think this new clinic will be great.