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Friday, January 11, 2008

Truck Recommendations?

Once Mr. Incredible transitions to his new position at work, he will probably need to get a new truck. See, right now he gets to take a company vehicle home every night and never has to use his little old truck. However, all of that is about to change in less than a month.

The new position does not come with the benefit of a company vehicle, Mr. Incredible's truck has over 175,000 miles, and it has been acting odd for a while now. He really doesn't trust it and would like to buy a different truck. (Yes, it has to be a truck. It's mighty useful to have a truck when you need to haul something somewhere.) He hasn't shared with me many details regarding what he would like in a truck; the one thing he has mentioned is that he definitely wants a truck bed liner this time. The bed of his current truck is all scratched and rusted from hauling things around without sufficient protection, and he doesn't want that happening to another vehicle.

Do you have a particular type of truck that you recommend? Why?