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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Perfection Is a Paralyzing Goal

At least for me.

See, it's one reason why this poor blog has been neglected. (The other reason is that I am staying insanely busy, but that's another story.) I have a lot of pictures I want to post, but in order to put them up I have to download them from the camera, pick out the ones I want, resize them, and then upload them into a blog post. In my mind, that's a huge task that I need plenty of time to do.

I kept putting off posting because I was focused on putting up the perfect post with lovely family pictures. Well, ya know what? I'm not waiting for perfection! If I do, you will probably never hear from me again!

So here I am - imperfect me. But at least I'm here. It makes me think of one of my favorite quotes:

"God doesn't expect you to be perfect, just progressing."

How about you? Is striving for perfection holding you back from doing something?


Anonymous said...

What?! You're not perfect?! How disappointing. Seriously, the Lord has been working on me about this very thing. I get so stressed out if (when) my house is a mess and I just have to stop and ask myself "Will this really matter in eternity?"
~Amber (it still has me registered as Mommy)

Revka said...

Well, doggone, Amber, I must have put up a good facade if you thought I was perfect! LOL

I really struggle wanting to be perfect. In fact, I don't make close friends because I am afraid for people to see my imperfections. I always wonder what they would think if they really knew me. How sad.

Thanks for leaving your comment. I found it encouraging. :)

Andrew said...

I liked the post and I liked Amber's comment as well. I am definitely one of those try to be perfect people and I think that is why I don't do as much as I could. I guess we will just all have to pray harder for each other in this area of "perfection". Also would you please try to remember me in your prayers because starting January 8th I will be entering the world of nursing school. My family and I really need God's help to make it through these next few months. Thanks for your prayers and keep up the good blogs! I look forward to seeing more pictures. Kayla