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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby's First Year

Buddy Bear newborn

The first year of your baby's life can be the hardest, happiest, scariest and best year you get to experience with your child. You are going to experience so many emotions during the baby’s first year! Luckily there are baby books about every aspect of baby’s first year, and reading several books while pregnant as well as during baby’s first year will make you more comfortable around your little one.

Everyone is always concerned with the next milestone that their new baby is going to reach and if he or she is doing things at the same pace of their peers. In fact, many new moms focus so much on what everyone says their child should be doing that they seem to lose focus on what the child is doing.

Pookie makeup

Then years later, you may look back and wonder what happened to that cute, cuddly baby you once had. While you were looking ahead, he or she was growing up and before you knew it that magical first year of their life was gone. It starts out kind of stressful, with the new parents not knowing what to expect next; from sleepless nights, colic, and spitting up to growth spurts, there is never a dull moment or a time to relax.

Baby Bear 2006

Before you know it those first few months are gone and your baby is sitting up, crawling and finally walking. He or she is talking or trying to and eating real food. The best advice I got when I brought my babies home was to slow down, to stop looking ahead of what comes next and to enjoy what the baby was going through at this time. You can never go back and get these moments again. So, instead of looking to what your child should be doing, could be doing or what is next, live in what is now and keep a record of it, for you and for your child. And enjoy motherhood!

Miss Muffet 2006


dana wyzard said...

So adorable, each and every one of them! How is that possible!!

Revka said...

What do you mean, how is that possible? Grief, woman! You've seen pics of both me and Mr. Incredible. You should have been surprised if they were not adorable. LOL!

dana wyzard said...

Well, yeah. I've seen photos of you and Mr. Incredible, but there's USUALLY one kid that is a throw-back to Great Aunt Matilda with the squint eyes and hooked nose. So, like I said: How is that possible!!

Revka said...

I reckon we both just come from beautiful ancestors with no "Great Aunt Matilda" to mess up the gene pool. ;)

cami said...

i have to agre with you on the growing up subject. i am constantly concentrating on what michael should be doing now instead of his accomplishments. i am trying to just sit back and let him work his own magic. he does things at his pace (which is a slow pace) but hes getting there. the christmas pics of the kids are really good! they all are getting so big its scarey!

Mom To A Preschooler said...

I totally agree. Time flies by so fast. It was not too long ago when I had my daughter, and now she is already a busy preschooler. Each stage has its difficulties, but I guess the beginning stage is the hardest.