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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thank You, Jan!

Jan, a sweet blogging friend, read my last post and immediately contacted me to let me know about Windows Live Writer.  Using this program, I don't have to stress over resizing photos before posting them.  Which should mean that you will see more photos, starting now. :)

Here are a few from our family trip back in October.

Buddy Bear yawning

Buddy Bear in his car seat at the putt-putt place

Putt putt kids

All the kids at the next-to-last hole.  They had a blast.  Me?  I stink at putt-putt, and I'm competitive.  So not so much.

something tastes bad to Buddy Bear

What a face!  It was a sunny day at the zoo.  More zoo pics later...


This is at Hendrick MotorSports, Dale Jr.'s new home.  Told ya Daddy is startin' him out right!  Pookie and Miss Muffet expected to meet Dale Jr. and kept asking when we were going to see him.  They were a bit disappointed that didn't happen.

So there you have it - evidence that Windows Live Writer works for me.  Thanks again, Jan! :)