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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Still Around

It has been so long since I last posted that I thought I'd better let you know I'm still here and am okay. I have 11 orders I'm working on, and of course there's the usual mom/wife stuff to do, too.

I promise (Jennifer!) that my next post will have new pictures of Buddy Bear. He is such a sweet and happy baby. And of course I think he is absolutely adorable! :)

How have you been doing?


DramaMama said...

Hey girl - admittedly I haven't read much over the last month, but I am getting back into it and I missed you! We have been climbing out of a family crisis w/my Mom, but she is doing a LOT better. She's coming home on a day pass this weekend! We got our first foster child TODAY! Excited, but oh the babyproofing you have to do for a curious 1yo!! A bunch of friends have needed prayer lately (family members w/lumps and tumors, moving to a whole new state and school, depression, new baby coming to an already full house...) so sometimes I feel funny talking about my own stuff. But through it all I know God is good and faithful to us! The bonds we share as brothers and sisters in Christ are a huge blessing to me! Glad to hear from you and keep on keepin' on! Looking forward to those pics...

A Dusty Frame said...

Glad to hear you baby is so sweet:)!

Revka said...

Hey, dramamama! Good to see you here again.

Thanks for letting me know you have missed me. That is so nice to hear. :)

Wow! I can understand why you haven't read much lately. Your life has been incredibly busy.

Congrats on the foster child. I know you are happy to finally be able to do that. It has been a journey to get to this point, hasn't it?

I'll be praying for you and your friends. Take care, and stop by anytime. :)

Revka said...

Hey, Lizzie,

God is good. :) I guess He knew what I could handle so He sent me the sweetest little one He could create. :)