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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Book Tour: The SOS for PMS

Thanks to LitFuse Publicity for providing a free review copy of this book. No other compensation was received for this review. The opinions contained herein are my own. I was not required to write a positive review.

When I was invited to review this book, I didn't immediately accept the offer. I wasn't too sure I wanted to wade through some dull, text-like book. I'm sure glad I reconsidered!

You hear it all the time: men joking about wives and girlfriends' moodiness, and women wryly complaining about their symptoms. But for many women, PMS is no laughing matter. If you are one of the many, many women who suffers from PMS, I highly recommend your reading Mary Byers' book, The S.O.S. for PMS.

This is not the dull, put-you-to-sleep book I was dreading. Mrs. Byers' honesty about her own battle with PMS and her wry sense of humor keep this from being a "heavy" book. She opens each chapter with a short scene from a fictional character's life which illustrates topics that will be discussed in the following pages. The ongoing fictional story helped keep me interested, and I love the humor Mrs. Byers injects into this sub-story.

More than an intriguing fictional story, The S.O.S. for PMS offers "Practical Help and Relief for Moms." Mrs. Byers discusses specific PMS symptoms and their causes, includes charts to help you figure out what you can expect from your body, offers advice about what foods impact PMS (both positively and negatively), and gives helpful tips for getting others to help you through your difficult times.

While I highly recommend this book, you may wish to read an excerpt. Links to additional reviews can be found at the blog tour post. Leave a comment at that post to be entered to win one of 4 copies Mrs. Byers is giving away.

About Mary: Mary Byers is a professional speaker and writer whose passion for transforming lives is evident in every project she takes on. In her first book with Harvest House Publishers, The Mother Load: How to Meet Your Own Needs While Caring for Your Family, Byers teaches women how to take care of themselves so that they can nurture a happy, healthy family. The mother of two lively children, she offers down-to-earth suggestions, spiritual truths, and real-life advice on how to juggle family responsibilities while creating a balanced life through supportive friendships, stress-relieving laughter, regular exercise, rejuvenating solitude, and an intimate relationship with the Lord. The founder of Word Works, Byers graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Telecommunications. She is also a Certified Association Executive. Byers and her husband, Stuart, reside in Illinois with their two children. To learn more about Mary visit her website at

A Word from the Author:
"It’s my hope that this book will bring help, hope and healing to moms who suffer from PMS. It’s been a source of despair in my own life but things are looking up now that I’ve developed my own coping plan. Those I interviewed for this book shared intimately about their own battles and I believe their stories, along with that of Callie’s (the main character in the book) will convince other women that it is possible to change their current response to PMS and encourage them to start today.”

About the Book:
The SOS for PMS:
Practical Help and Relief for Moms

In her latest book, Mary explores an often frustrating topic, the symptoms of PMS, and offers practical advice and encouragement for mothers. Readers will find comfort in the stories shared by other moms, realizing that they are not alone in their struggles with PMS.

With this book, you will find suggestions designed to inspire healthier lifestyles, relationships, and daily choices for all women.

Gather any group of moms together and the topic of frustrating PMS symptoms rises up in conversation along with the guilt and concern about its effects on family members.

Now Mary Byers, author of The Mother Load, offers mothers encouragement, help, and camaraderie as she shares:

~women's stories-the good, bad, and the hopeful

~overlooked symptoms and how to manage them

~foods and activities to avoid or indulge in

God's first aid for stress, depression, and anxiety a call for help-how husbands can come to the aid of their wives.

This gathering of useful advice and shared experiences will comfort readers who have ever felt alone in their PMS plight and will inspire healthier lifestyles, relationships, and daily choices for all women.


Mary Byers said...

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for featuring The S.O.S. for PMS on your blog. I hope women will find hope, help and healing as a result of reading the book and appreciate your help in getting the word out.

Mary Byers
Author, The S.O.S. for PMS